Looking Ahead: April’s Jupiter-Neptune Conjunction in Pisces

TW: Sobriety talk, drug use talk

TL; DR: The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction will drive us to indulge in flights of fancy, and to potentially ignore our ordinary limitations. Do what you need to survive this conjunction’s SEEMINGLY BOUNDLESS YES, and find your footing when Jupiter dips for Aries & you find yourself subject once more to regular old gravity. This isn’t moral advice. The whole spectrum from full teetotal to full hedonism is really valid!

Jupiter conjoins Neptune in Pisces in April, going exact on the 12th. The last time we had an exact Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces was in March of 1856. The next time we will have one will be May of 2188. This aspect is truly once-in-a-lifetime!

Here’s the chart:

The chart of the exact Jupiter-Neptune conjunction, 6:22 am April 12, 2022, PT

But that looks a little dense doesn’t it? While all the points are useful, I’m going to simplify. Below, the same chart with just the traditional five planets & two luminaries + Neptune. My main reason for doing this is to show you a simpler set of aspect patterns & declutter the space around Jupiter/Neptune to reveal something crucial: without the nodes in the picture (though of course they’re still operative), all they have going on is each other! Around them, the Saturn-Mars conjunction continues to separate, making a sextile with the sun: I interpret this as an opportunity to use Saturn’s strengths (especially in light of the Saturn-Mars lesson that peaked with their exact conjunction on April 4th) to support exalted-Sun-in-Aries activities.

Same chart as above, just with fewer things to look at.

There’s a lot of Mars under the skin of this chart:
–> Mars-ruled Aries 1st House (the “helm,” appearances, the self), with the Sun just below the horizon in the terms of Mars
–> Saturn in separating conjunction to Mars & in the terms of Mars
–> Jupiter-Neptune in the terms & decan of Mars, in aversion to Mars (Jupiter-Neptune can’t “see” Saturn-Mars & it might be hard to feel the connection, as their significations are playing out in different spheres. Having an understanding of the astrology of a moment reminds us that we act as connective tissue to planets in aversion)
–> Moon opposite Mars in the terms & decan of Mars

Suffice it to say, we’ve got big drives. Plenty of fire. That’s the scene of this Jupiter-Neptune moment.

Though I’m writing this two months in advance, the Jupiter-Neptune energy is already here: we’ve been living with this aspect off and on by copresence (rather than exact degree) since Jupiter entered Pisces last May. We’ll continue to navigate it off and on until Jupiter’s final departure from Pisces at the end of December 2022.

Jupiter is Party Daddy, lord of BELIEVING, the host with the most etc & Neptune is a hologram of transcendence and spirit of all paracosms. They both rule Pisces (Jupiter, the ancient ruler; Neptune, the modern). The two together in the terms (the planet that sets the requirement) & decan (the face of the vibe) of Mars drive/motivate/push/compel us to indulge in dreamland (likely on the dance floor).

In the coming months, as we build to the inevitable ragers and raptures of the exact conjunction, reflect on the sorts of fantasias your body, mind, and heart can sustain.

Some of us will fill this coming moment with the drinks & drugs that feel the best, while others will find it important to remain sober. All will need to engage with heightened Jupiter-Neptune significations one way or another!

To the honeys who use drugs and the bbs who kick it with them: please remember your narcan & water. Check in with each other & have fun! If you’re throwing a party & have access to narcan & test strips, please make them available to your revelers! This is stuff that gets done so well in community on the daily, wherever the planets are at, so honestly I’m probably being redundant but it felt important to say!

Sober darlings, especially those for whom sobriety is part of present survival: you may find yourselves challenged to stay grounded in your lifestyle. Fear not! What’s in your toolkit that will help you thrive through this? You’re approaching an opportunity to explore what types of BIG, JUICY, SEXY, DREAMY FUN integrate with rather than grate against your sobriety.

Regardless of your use habits, this will be a time of togetherness with spirit and with one another. A time of being like “what’s the difference????” and then not caring whether there is any. Carry a little notebook, cause you might catch some big ideas but don’t worry if you drop it while dancing — what’s meant to integrate will probably stick!

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