A sibyl was a mouthpiece for the Gods. Merriam Webster defines sibyl as “any of several prophetesses […] credited to widely separate parts of the ancient world.” Eldritch, arcane, somewhat shy of primordial. Sibyl’s fabled root tickles me: “said to be from Doric Siobolla, from Attic Theoboule ‘divine wish.’ ” The urge to commune (and communicate!) with what is earthly and what is otherworldly strikes me as a fundamental divine wish.

Sibyl, then, is a shared mantle. I am but one of several practitioners in an old, old lineage. I serve the divine wish, as I understand it: It is my ardent belief that each mind, each body, each being entire deserves to meet the stabilizing grace of self-welcome. And the Earth and each Other deserve the camaraderie of us at our most respectful, curious, and generous. When we learn to move through life with compassion for ourselves and our challenges, and appreciate humbly our gifts, we become all the more ready to engage with each crumb of totality. Divination (and, prominently, astrology) has helped us in that learning process for thousands of years.

I have always felt ensorcelled and reverent. Have always been told I’m preternaturally intuitive. Yet, I have always been driven to stretch beyond those innate sensing faculties, and to marry them to rigor. In my studies, I have found methods which I honestly think can be useful to anyone at all, skeptics and enthusiasts alike. Astrology is a fantastically useful and ancient matrix of correspondences.

These tools in heart and hand, I am here to collaborate with you toward your own wisdom.


A picture of the astrologer, who has short auburn hair and wears aviator glasses, several necklaces, a black work shirt, and a leopord print jacket.

Welcome, friend! My name is Gideon Hart, my pronouns are they/them, and I live in the Canarsee area of Lenapehoking (aka Brooklyn). I have a Cancer Ascendant, a Pisces Sun, and a Leo Moon. While I am self-taught, I have learned much through the work of Chris Brennan, Benjamin Dykes, Demetra George, Diana Rose Harper, Levente László, Randon Rosenbohm, Kirah Tabourn, Ali A Olomi, and countless others.

In typical 9th House fashion, I believe in everyone’s God/s.

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